I offer an in-depth approach to working clients’ concerns and challenges. For me, everyone is unique, is to support to increase awareness in the present moment and improve the relationship within themselves, including wisdom of their mind, body, and soul connection. The focus is not on the diagnosis or fixing the person. I guide and witness the person to become more aware of their own experiences, obtaining new ways in how they relate within themself, understand their own trauma providing more opportunities for spiritual insight and growth.

For me, people are in this life for a reason and helping them find their own purpose will help them live their lives in a more fulfilling way. Healing and integrating their relationship between their mind, body, and spirit.

Most individuals come to therapy once a week for a 50 minutes session. Sometimes, when needed we can meet more times a week. To achieve any noticeable results we will be meeting weekly for at least 3 to 6 months. In other situations, it may take much longer. Length of treatment depends on what the person wants to address, the severity of the presenting problem, the goals to obtain, their commitment to emotional healing, and how much people want to deepen their relationship with themself. Often individuals find what is right for them in their process.

They are liquid extracts from plants and trees, that were developed by an English physician, Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. Essences flowers can be used orally and topically by individuals of any age and pets. They are non-toxic and can be used in conjunction with other supplements or medications.

Flowers Essences are not a “happy remedy”, sometimes it makes you feel better other times helps people tolerate an uncomfortable process. They assist with your mind-body-health journey at your own pace and at a deeper level.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this.

Telehealth sessions happen on a safe online platform that you can access both from your computer and your phone. Before the session, you will receive an email with an invitation. It’s also important that you check if your camera and microphone are connected to the platform we are using. We can talk and see each other while staying in our separate spaces.

Telehealth session online therapy happens at the convenience of your home, room, private office, car, etc. as long as we have a good internet connection. You can wear headphones for privacy and to communicate better. Most people report liking telehealth better, they are in their own space, no driving, waiting in the lobby, dealing with traffic or weather, and their own times. It does not add stress to their lives.

In general, information shared in session is confidential and may not be revealed to anyone, unless the client signs a release of information. However, there are some instances whereby we are legally required to disclose information from a session. These are: These are: when there is reasonable suspicion of child abuse or elder or dependent adult abuse, where the patient threatens violence to an identifiable victim and when the patient presents a danger of violence to others or is likely to harm him or herself unless protective measures are taken.

After many years of practice and trying to fit in a system that I did not belong to because “this was the way to practice” I realized it was not “my way” of working with people. After looking at what I love doing, my life purpose, the type of work I wanted to do with clients, and wanting to have a balanced life, I decided not to take insurance. I want a clean relationship with my clients and not focus on the insurance piece.

There are a lot of extra behind-the-scenes duties after a therapist sees a client. Not working with health insurance helps me enjoy more of my work with my clients and expectations are more clear and our relationship is less stressful. I am able to be in charge of my private practice doing what I love the most and having a more balanced life in general.

Schedule a short, no cost phone consultation so I can introduce myself and hear about your concerns.